Client Reviews

"Deep Sky Studios gets it. I engaged them to create a whimsical, animated short depicting 50 years of company history-- actual events, places, objects and persons over a half-century--with a scary and absolute deadline. Deep Sky was open to the team approach this required, enabling me to work closely with them through the research, scripting, production, and post-production. They drove the project forward, creating interpretations of anecdotal scenes, and working through the trade-offs and revisions that both parties agreed made it better. The video was delivered on time and on budget, and was a fun hit at a big anniversary event. Cue the music!"

Steve LaRance, Washington Corporations


Deep Sky Studios specializes in design, post production and motion graphics. We work closely with our clients to explore all ideas that drive the creative process. Whether you are looking for 3D visualization, 2D animation, commercials, sizzle videos, explainer videos, visual effects or interactive media, we provide the tools and talent to bring your project from concept to delivery. We help you create messages that resonate with you and your audience. Our creative team of professionals have over 20 years of experience with design, animation, 3D visualization, and post production. From animation and video, to motion graphic design and application development, we can provide all you need to complete any media project - big or small.